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WE ARE A COLLABORATION.  WE ARE BARBERS.  Rapture Barbers is the latest business addition TO GROWING Cumberland, BC.  The shop is located in the ORIGINAL Leung's Grocery building - one of the OLDEST building lots in Cumberland.  IT ALSO shares its name with the first ever Mountain Biking Trail built by the Eastern Block Builders in our Beaufort mountains.  WE ARE SUPER EXCITED TO BE COLLABORATING WITH JONNY POETTCKER AND UPPERCUT BARBERSHOP FROM VANCOUVER - welcome to cumberland Jonny, Erin, wyatt and pippa!



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Jonny Poettcker has been in the barbering business for 5 years now. It's a job he loves doing—he values quality work, good craftsmanship and stimulating conversation. He’s also a certified high school teacher with degrees in English Literature and Art History. He knows his way around a guitar, likes to fish and enjoys thrashing his motorcycle on his morning rides. He and his family have recently made the move to Cumberland in the Comox Valley and he's very excited to collaborate and bring Uppercut to it's new home at Rapture Barbers.



Brody Jones’ determined pursuit for sunshine brought him to the west coast of Canada three years ago, and he is incredibly excited to have landed in our amazing village.   A long cry from the farmland of Manitoba or the stables in South Carolina, Brody has joined the Cumberland movement of young entrepreneurs fostering exciting growth to bring you Rapture Barbers!  Brody has a passion for detail and form; sprouted from many years in the horse arena, and his knack for style has impressed many a judge.  After riding hundreds of horses, pouring thousands of beers and growing tons of food, Brody is thrilled to have built a shop and to begin this career of a trillion hairs.  He is so grateful to our incredible community for their unwavering support to make this dream a reality, and especially for the collaboration with Jonny and Uppercut.


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Traditional Barbers in Legendary Cumberland.

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